Hp15 compatible laptop Internal battery for au003nm,au003nt,au003nv,au003tx models


Compatible models of Hp 15 to this battery compatible with the original manufacturer’s specification

  • Pavilion 15-AU003TX
  • Pavilion 15-AU002NI
  • Pavilion 15-AU003NT
  • Pavilion 15-AU008TX
  • Pavilion 15-AU012TX
  • Pavilion 15-AU020TX
  • Pavilion 15-AU023TU
  • Pavilion 15-AU027CL
  • Pavilion 15-AU034NA
  • Pavilion 15-AU081NB
  • Pavilion 15-AU087NIA
  • Pavilion 15-AU098TX
  • Pavilion 15-AU103NC
  • Pavilion 15-AU104TX
  • Pavilion 15-AU106NS
  • Pavilion 15-AU115TU
  • Pavilion 15-AU116NL
  • Pavilion 15-AU136NG
  • Pavilion 15-AU136TX
  • Pavilion 15-AU140UR
  • Pavilion 15-AU151SA
  • Pavilion 15-AU185TX
  • Pavilion 15-AU624TX
  • Pavilion 15-AW021NO
  • Pavilion 15-AW022UR


The generic battery carries a smart interior circuit board that provides battery-unbalanced-shut-off protection, thermal-runaway protection, overcharged protection, over-discharged-shut-off protection, and high/low-temperature-shut-off protection. Besides, the battery is lead and mercury free  and also other environmental metal pollutants

Brand Generic/Compatible
Compatible Brand Hp/Compaq
Condition New
Type Li-Polymer
Voltage 7.7V
Capacity As per standard model of the laptop
Components Cells
Sales Package One pc Battery
Warranty Covered Against all Manufacturing Defects
Warranty Not Covered Physical or electronic damage
Warranty Service Type Replacement
Warranty Summary 1 year


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