How to check your RAM compatibility


Every one needs speed and performance in the laptop or PC but we are not aware about what Ram to buy for the laptop or PC . You need to follow the following steps to identify the correct technology and capacity .

Firstly : Check the laptop model number. Google down in the search bar as : dell 3542 ram upgrade ” , there you will be able to find some link which will tell you the capacity and technology supported . Check the dell website first and reconfirm with other websites so that you are well confirmed about both the things.

Secondly : You can also verify the details by service tag number . You can use this service tag number to use it on the Brand official website and check the upgradation section.

Thirdly : For lenovo laptop you need to check the “model data sheet” through google..

Fourth : For Asus you need to check the official website of India .

Fifth : If you wish to know about the details of the laptop, download any freeware software like cpu z, install and run. You may know the exact model or part number of RAM already installed in your laptop. Search for the same part number as it will match the technology and cas latency which are main things to match for the upgradation.

For PC Upgradation : Check the manual of the motherboard and CPU details from the official websites. It gives the complete information for the motherboard max upgradation and the max capacity the motherboard can hold. If the manual of the motherboard is not available , check the bios , find the model number or download cpuz software, check the motherboard details and there you will get the complete details of the motherboard. Check the max suppporting technology of motherboard and the CPU. Go with the correct technology and capacity and enjoy the performance.

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